Some (but not all) Sony shortwave radios were milestones in the history of (consumer) shortwave receivers, such as the ICF-2001, ICF-7600D/ICF-2002, ICF-2001D/ICF-2010 or ICF-SW7600G.
Let's go on a guided tour through nearer history...


the first fully synthesized consumer receiver


In 1980, Sony presented the first PLL synthesized shortwave receiver in consumer electronics history. At that time most SW radios were either fully analog(ue) sets (such as Panasonic RF-2200 or Sony ICF-5900W) or analog(ue) sets with a digital readout (such as Panasonic RF-2600, RF-2800/2900, RF-4800/4900, Sony ICF-6700L, ICF-6800W/W(A)), except for very expensive ([semi]professional) receivers.
The ICF-2001 featured:

The innards: As a first set of this type, the ICF-2001 could only be a compromise - the electronics were still very expensive and not fully developed yet. So there are a couple of weaknesses: The ICF-2001 cost DM 648,- in Germany and approx. 350 $ in the US.


the first digital small portable receiver


In 1983, Sony presented a new member of their 7600 line: the ICF-7600D, or ICF-2002, as it was called in North America. It was intended for the traveller/traveler looking for a comfortable high performance radio.
Features included:

Technology: The ICF-7600D was more sensitive than the older ICF-2001, and its selectivity was better. It cost DM 698,- in Germany. The later version ICF-7600DS/ICF-2003, which was mostly a cosmetic update but also had many small changes, cost DM 448,-.


the first portable receiver with a synchronous detector


In 1985, Sony presented the first portable receiver with a synchronous detector (very useful - allows you to select the sideband of an AM transmission). In addition, its performance was excellent, hardly reached by its successor, the ICF-SW77.
It featured:

The innards: The ICF-2001D/ICF-2010 was a real DX machine and could handle quite large external antennas, but you had to be careful not to destroy a FET (static!). The ICF-2010 is still sold in North America for US$ 449 (list price). In Germany it cost DM 1298,-.

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Apr 05, 1999