List of the bugs in
Netscape Communicator 4.08[de] for Windows 3.1x

Since I've been using Netscape Communicator 4.08 for Win 3.1x for quite a while now, I (and others) have noticed quite a number of bugs in the program, so one day I decided to create a web page that lists them. This list is not necessarily complete; more likely, it contains only a more or less small fraction of the existing bugs. I'd really like to see the most annoying ones fixed - maybe one day Netscape will give the source code to engaged enthusiasts who'd like to do that (that's unlikely though, since licensed code is also included in the browser). Unfortunately Netscape Corp. has stopped developing Netscape for the 16-bit Windows platform, so I don't assume they're planning to fix the bugs themselves :(... A German version with "strong" (i.e. 128-bit vs. 40-bit export) encryption would be nice, now that it's legal to export encryption things from over there - but fortunately Netscape is modular: Simply replace the export encryption netscape.exe file by a US encryption file! That results in an X-Mailer header of Mozilla 4.08 [de] (Win16; U) instead of Mozilla 4.08 [de] (Win16; I).

And here come the bugs:


Javascript: Java: Security: Composer: Messenger: One thing I like about Netscape: well chosen default settings, as opposed to some Microsoft products (guess which ones...)!

Know of other bugs in Communicator 4.08/Win16? Tell me about them!

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Last modified: 2001-12-28 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Author: Stephan Großklaß