...to my little corner on the Web 1.0. This is a shortened version of my home page in German with slightly (sic!) different contents.
I've tried to sort the pages in such a way that the most current ones (or those that are more worth reading) come first, since there are a few outdated ones around as well.


  1. Music and Audio Electronics 'Blogalike'
  2. Helpful Audio-Related Calculators
  3. A History of Audio DAC and ADC Chip Performance
  4. The Sony 7600 shortwave receiver series page
  5. Short (and not so short) radio reviews
  6. Superhets for Dummies – Radio receiver building blocks and what they do
  7. Common Compact Shortwave Antennas – Loop, whip or dipole?
  8. Advanced Aspects of Digital Audio – looks at dithering, intersample overs, and finally even the vinyl debate
  9. Epson and Other Scanner Matters – my flatbed scanner page
  10. Adventures in Pentaxland – notes on DSLRs and lenses
  11. Techno-Follies – Select samples of silliness in the modern world
  12. Compiling Audacity 1.3.12 on Windows 2000 – how I did it
  13. An Overview of Capacitor Distortion
  14. Web Page Design Considerations for Amateurs
  15. Gigabyte GA-686KDX motherboard (including BIOS modification)
  16. About the author*
  17. My Windows 3.1x tips (not currently updated, looking for new home)
  18. The Win32s compatibility list
  19. My Tandon NB/386sx a.k.a. Compal BC380(/A/B) page
  20. Survey: The fastest or best equipped computers running Windows 3.1x (no longer updated!)
  21. The Netscape Communicator 4.08 for Windows 3.1x bug list
  22. Netscape Communicator 4.08 for Win 3.1x as a Standard mode app
  23. The Shuttle HOT-409 page – a page about said motherboard (including the new BIOS)
  24. My page about the technology of cassette recorders in general (Noise reduction and stuff like that, a bit dated)
  25. The page about my cassette deck (pretty much the first I made back in 1998...)
  26. My personal link collection*

About the author

Stephan Gro▀kla▀

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